Bible Texts:

Luke 19:1-10


Children's Bible Story sources:

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Children's Story Resources

Fun Dog, Sun Dog by Deborah Heiligman and illustrated by Tim Bowers

Tinka is a fun, adventurous dog who sometimes gets into trouble, but no matter what her owner still loves her. 

How these stories are connected: There are things about Tinka that are unlikeable, but his boy loves him anyways and sticks with Tinka. There are things about Zacchaeus that are unlikeable, but Jesus sticks with him. Jesus will choose us, no matter what. (So will our family and friends!)


Questions about Fun Dog, Sun Dog:

     What type of dog is Tinka at the beginning of the story?

     What does Tinka do as the story goes on?

     How does the boy respond when Tinka causes some trouble?

     How does the story end?


Questions about the Bible story:

     Why didn’t people like Zacchaeus?

     What did Jesus do when he saw Zacchaeus sitting in the tree?

     Why did Jesus accept Zacchaeus when everyone else hated him?

     How did Zacchaeus change?


Questions about our lives:

     Can you remember a time when one of your friends or family members did something to make you mad?

     How can you be more like Jesus towards your friends and family?

     How does it make you feel that Jesus will always choose you?



Dear God, help us to be more like You when we respond to our friends’ and families’ actions. Thank you for always choosing us. Amen.