Bible Text:

Luke 12:13-21


Children's Bible Story sources:


“A Man Who Did Not Say Thank You”, The Early Reader's Bible, p.395

"The rich man," DK Children's Everyday Bible, p.289

"A Story of the Danger of Riches," The Lion Bible for Children, p.267


Children's Story Resources

Katie and the Puppy Next Door by John Himmelman

Katie is surprised when Ruby, the new puppy next door, comes for a visit. Ruby runs right into Katie's house and starts playing―with Katie's favorite things! She even eats Katie's food! Katie thinks this is terrible, and she chases Ruby away. But Sara Ann is disappointed. She wants Katie to share. She says sharing is fun. But Katie has her doubts about that! 

How these stories are connected: Sometimes we love the things we own so much that we don’t want to let go of them or share them with anyone else. These stories give us the opportunity to talk about how sharing can change our lives…or not!


Questions about Katie and the Puppy Next Door:

     Why was Katie upset when Ruby came over?

     What happened when she didn’t share?

     What happened when she learned to share?

     What do you think of that?


Questions about the Bible story:

     Why didn’t the man want to share his things?

     What things did he get to take with him when he died?

     What do you think the other people did when they got his things?


Questions about our lives: 

     Are you thankful for your things?

     What do you think will happen if you don’t share your things?

     What do you think will happen if you do?



Dear God, help us to share our things with other people. Teach us to be thankful that we have things. Teach us to be thankful that we can share our things with other people. Amen.