Bible Texts:

 John 11:1-45

Children's Bible Story sources:

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Children's Story Resources

Deer in the Hollow by Efner Tudor Holmes, Illustrated by Marlowe de Christopher

Seth has a special connection with the animals of the forest. His concern for them causes him to risk his own health in caring for them. When he ventures out into the forest on a winter night to protect some deer, he may need special help of his own. 
How these stories are connected: When Seth falls into the snow, he needs the help of his grandfather and the other men to help him recover. In a similar way, Lazarus needed Jesus in order to cross over from death back into life.

Questions about Deer in the Hollow:

     Why did Seth leave his bedroom when he was still sick?

     Why did the men look for Seth?

     Why was it hard for them to find him?

     What happened when they found him?

Questions about the Bible story:

     Why couldn’t Jesus come to Lazarus right away?

     Why was it hard for Jesus to help Lazarus?

     What did Jesus do?

     What happened when Lazarus came out?


Questions about our lives:

     What kinds of things do you think Jesus can do?

     How can you ask for his help?



Dear Jesus, thank you for being powerful and thank you for helping people. Please help all the people who think things are hopeless and help them know you can do anything. Amen.