Bible Texts:

Matthew 7:21-29, Luke 6:39-49


Children's Bible Story sources:

"The Sermon on the Mount,DK Children's Illustrated Bible, p.214

"House on the Rock," Spark Story Bible, p.282

"The wise man and the fool,” DK Children's Everyday Bible, p.243

“The Sermon on the Mountain,” The Usborne Children's Bible, p.87

“The Story of the Two Builders,” The Lion Bible for Children p.247


Children's Story Resources

Mice Twice by Joseph Low

Cat invites Mouse over for dinner with the intent to eat Mouse, but Mouse predicts Cat’s malicious intentions and brings along her friend Dog for protection. Cat then invites himself over to Dog’s house and brings an even bigger companion. This cycle of uneasy hospitality continues until one party finally picks the winning hand.

How these stories are connected: It is much better to plan wisely to do good things than to do things half-heartedly or even to plan to do things that are mean or bad.


Questions about Mice Twice:

     Why does Cat invite Mouse over for dinner?

     Why is Cat so surprised when Mouse arrives at his house?

     How does Cat respond to this unexpected event?

     How does Mouse beat Cat in the end?


Questions about the Bible story:

     What happened to the house built on rock?

     What happened to the house built on sand?

     What do the rock and the sand represent in real life?


Questions about our lives:

     Who should we build our life on?

     How do your friends support you?



Dear God, please help us to make good decisions. Please show us how we can support our friends and family instead of hurting them. Amen.