Bible Texts:

 Luke 24:13-35


Children's Bible Story sources:

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Children's Story Resources

Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers

A boy helps a lost penguin makes its way home, but once their journey is complete, they discover what they really needed was one another.


How these stories are connected: The boy tells the penguin all sorts of stories and they about wonderful things. Just like the disciples on the Road to Emmaus, they don’t know the value of the wonderful things they are hearing until something else happens.  


Questions about Lost and Found:

     At the beginning of the story, what did the boy think the penguin wanted?

     What did the boy do for the penguin?

     What did he penguin do when they got to the South Pole?

     What did the boy do then?

     What did the penguin really want?

     What did the boy really want?



Questions about the Bible story:

     What did the two men think Jesus wanted?

     What did they offer to do for Jesus?

     What happened when Jesus broke the bread?

     What did the friends do then?

     What do you think Jesus really wanted?


Questions about our lives:

     What wonderful things can we talk about?

     How can we be friends with Jesus and with each other?



Dear God, you have amazing stories to tell us in your Word. Help us to love your stories and the people who tell them. Help us be friends with Jesus. Amen.