Bible Texts:

Matthew 3:13-17, Mark 1:9-11, Luke 3:15-22


Children's Bible Story sources:

"John Baptizes Jesus," DK Children's Illustrated Bible, p.202

"Jesus' Baptism," Spark Story Bible, p.242

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Children's Story Resources

Unlovable by Dan Yaccarino

Alfred the pug dog thinks he's unlovable. Other dogs make fun of his tiny legs and funny face. The cat and the parrot and even the goldfish tease him. Then a new dog, Rex, moves in next door. Because Alfred wants a friend so badly, he tells Rex a little fib about himself. But what will happen when Rex learns the truth? Will he find Alfred unlovable too?

How these stories are connected: Alfred thinks he's unlovable. John the Baptist thinks he is unworthy to untie Jesus' sandal.  Events in their lives help them feel worthy, valued and loved. These stories give us a chance to talk about the things that make us feel loved or not and to talka bout what we can do about that.


Questions about Unlovable:

     Why did Alfred think he was unlovable?

     Why didn’t Alfred tell Rex the truth?

     What do you think about that?

     What made Alfred feel loved?


Questions about the Bible story:

     Why didn’t John want to baptize Jesus?

     What do you think about that?

     What did Jesus tell him?

     What did the voice of God say about Jesus?


 Questions about our lives: 

     What makes you feel loved?

     What can you do if you don't feel loved?



Dear God, thank you for loving us and making us your own. Thank you for the family we have because we are baptized. Amen.