Bible Texts:

 John 1:1-18

Children's Bible Story sources:

"Jesus the Word," Spark Story Bible, p.240 

Children's Story Resources

The Dreamer by Cynthia Rylant and Barry Moser

The Dreamer creates the whole world, step by step, by speaking beautiful things into being.


How these stories are connected:  The Dreamer and Jesus create with words. These stories help us imagine that we can create beautiful things: love, hope, joy, and friendship, just as Jesus did.


Questions about The Dreamer:

     What did the artist create?

     How did the artist do that?

     Who is the artist?

     Why do you think the artist created everything? 


Questions about the Bible story:

     John the Baptist said Jesus was sent to be God’s Word. What does Jesus know?

     What is Jesus bringing to everyone on earth?


Questions about our lives:

     What beautiful things do you imagine?

     What do you create with your words?

     What does it mean for us to follow Jesus?



Dear God, thank you for creating a beautiful world for us to live in.  Thank you for sending Jesus to be your Word in the world and for the beautiful things he creates. Help us to follow him. Amen.