Bible Texts:

Matthew 12:9-14, Mark 3:1-6, Luke 6:6-11


Children's Bible Story sources:

"The Man with the Shriveled Hand," DK Children's Everyday Bible, p.241


Children's Story Resource

Mister Got to Go: The Cat that Wouldn't Leave by Lois Simmie and illustrated by Cynthia Nugent

On a dark and soggy night, a bedraggled cat finds its way into the ivy-covered Sylvia Hotel in Vancouver's fashionable West End. Before long, Mister Got To Go has become not only a fixture at the hotel but a valuable employee.

How these stories are connected: Just the man with a withered man poses a challenge for those who gather on the Sabbath, the cat seeking refuge from bad weather proves a challenge for everyone at the Sylvia Hotel. How can Jesus heal on the Sabbath? How can a hotel house a cat?


Questions about Mister Got to Go:

     Why did the cat go into the hotel?

     What did Mr. Foster do?

     What did he want to have happen? Why?

     What happened to the cat at the end of the story? Why?


Questions about the Bible story:

     Why didn’t the religious leaders want Jesus to heal the man?

     Why did Jesus want to heal him?

     What happened?


Questions about our lives: 

     Sometimes we care more about the rules than about we care about people. Can you think of a time someone got hurt or left out because of that?



God, Help us to always love and care about people no matter what. Help us to change our rules when we need to, so that people will know that we love and care about them. Amen.


Katy and the Big Snow by Virginia Lee Burton

A big bulldozer is the only one who can make a difference when Geoppolis is covered in snow.

How these stories are connected: Sometimes things have to be done right away by the only one who can make the difference. In Geoppolis' case, that's Katy. For the man with the withered hand, it's Jesus and it doesn't matter that it's the Sabbath Day.


Questions about Katy and the Big Snow: 

     Who was the only one who could clear the snow from Geoppolis?

     Why didn't Katy wait until she was rested?

     Who was helped by Katy's work?


Questions about the Bible story:

     Who was the only one who could heal the man's hand?

     Why didn't Jesus wait until the Sabbath was over?

     Who was upset about that?

     What do you think about that?


Questions about our lives:

     What are some things that only Jesus can do?

     Do you want him to wait, or do them now? Why?



Dear Jesus, thank you for your amazing love and thank you for loving people enough to heal them no matter what anyone else says. Teach us to thank you for the things you choose to do. Amen.