Bible Texts:

Matthew 22:15-22, Luke 20:20-26


Children's Bible Story sources:

"Paying Taxes," Spark Story Bible, p.306

“A Hard Question,” The Lion Bible for Children p.279


Children's Story Resources

My Pony by Susan Jeffers

A little girl who longs for a pony draws pictures of a dappled mare she names Silver, then rides her through a magical countryside in her dreams.

How these stories are connected: Ask for and give the things that are appropriate. It’s probably not appropriate to ask for a pony if you live in a city, but your dreams are a perfect place for a pony to live. Likewise, give God your prayers and praise.


Questions about My Pony:

     What are the reasons why the girl can’t have a pony?

     What does the girl do instead of getting a real pony?

     Is the girl happy?


Questions about the Bible story:

     What were the religious leaders trying to do?

     What was their question for Jesus?

     How did Jesus answer?


Questions about our lives:

     What are some things that you can give to God?

     What are some things you give to your family or friends?



Dear God, help us to sort out what we should give to you and what we should give to others. Grant us wisdom to give our talents to others. Amen.