Bible Texts:

Matthew 25:31-46


Children's Bible Story sources:

“Sheep and Goats," Spark Story Bible, p.286


Children's Story Resources

The Goblin and the Empty Chair by Mem Fox, Illustrated by Leo and Diane Dillon

Disgraced by his appearance, a goblin hides in the shadows, doing good deeds for people who are hurting. In the end his looks don't matter, as he finds a welcome at their table.

How these stories are connected: The parable of the sheep and the goats is meant to inspire disciples to a life of service to others. The story of the Goblin illustrates what can happen if we give ourselves away in selflessness: we find a welcome at tables we never expected.


Questions about The Goblin and the Empty Chair:

     Why were the farmer, his wife, and their daughter sad?

     What did the Goblin do to help them?

     Why didn't he want to be seen?

     Did that matter? Why or why not?


Questions about the Bible story:

     What things did Jesus want the disciples to do for each other?

     Why did he want them to do those things?

     Who did he say they were really caring for when they did them?


Questions about our lives:

     What things do you do to take care of your family?  

     What things do you do to take care of your friends?

     What does Jesus think about that? Why?



Dear God, help us see other people and care about them. Help us to do things that care for other people.  Amen.