Bible Texts:

 Luke 1:26-38


Children's Bible Story sources:


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Children's Story Resources

Papa, Please Get the Moon for Me by Eric Carle

Monica asks her father to do the impossible: to get the moon for her.  


How these stories are connected:  Impossible things are promised to both Monica and Mary. These stories teach us to place our trust in those who love us, even when they make huge promises.  


Questions about Papa, Please Get the Moon for Me:

     What did Monica want her father to do?

     What did Monica do with the moon once she had it?

     What happened to the moon?  


Questions about the Bible Story:

     Getting the moon seemed impossible in Monica’s story. What seems impossible in               Mary’s story?

     Why did Mary think it was impossible?

     What did the angel tell her about that?

     What do you think is going to happen?  

Questions about our lives:

     Who tells you about God’s promises?

     Can you learn to trust God’s promises?  



Thank you, God, for being big enough to do things we can’t do, and thank you, God, for being good. We know that you can do anything, so do the things that will make a difference for everyone who hurts today. Amen.