Bible Texts:

Luke 2:22-40


Children's Bible Story sources:

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"Simeon and Anna," Spark Story Bible, p.226

"Simeon meets Jesus" and "Anna meets Jesus," DK Children's Everyday Bible, p.216, 217

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Children's Story Resources

The Subway Mouse by Barbara Reid

Nib, tired of living deep beneath the city in a subway station, sets out on a quest to find Tunnel’s End, a mythical land he’s only heard about in old stories. Along the way, he faces danger, finds a new friend, and discovers a place more wonderful than he ever imagined. 

How these stories are connected: Nib and Lola press on to see Tunnel’s End, a promise and a dream they have heard about their whole lives. Simeon and Anna hold on to the promise of seeing Jesus, the one whom God has promised. We can trust our good dreams, and God’s good promises.


Questions about The Subway Mouse:

     Why do you think Nib decided to leave Sweetfall?

     How did Nib’s cousins react when he told them he was going to Tunnel’s End?

     What were some of the dangers that Lola and Nib encountered?

     How did Lola help Nib in his quest to find Tunnel’s End?


Questions about the Bible story:

     What was God’s promise to Simeon?

     What did Simeon do when he picked up Jesus?

     What did Anna tell everyone about Jesus?


Questions about our lives:

     If you were thanking God for Jesus, what would you say?

     What is a promise that God has made to you?

     What is a dream that you have for your future?



Dear God, thank you for saving us through Your son Jesus. Help us to trust in your promises. Give us the courage to pursue our dreams in life. Amen.