Bible Texts:

Luke 17:11-19


Children's Bible Story sources:

"Ten Men Healed," Spark Story Bible, p.390

“Ten Lepers,” The Beginner's Bible, p. 405


Children's Story Resources

Splat Says Thank You by Rob Scotton

When Seymour gets sick, Splat tries to make Seymour smile by making a Friendship Book. The Friendship book recounts many wonderful thing Seymour has done for Splat, for which Splat continually says, "Thank you!"


How these stories are connected:  These stories highlight opportunities to be grateful: for friendship, for healing, for the presence of God in our lives. Today you have the chance to help children look for ways to express thankfulness for the goodness in their lives.


Questions about Splat Says Thank You:

     Why did Splat want to make Seymour smile?

     What things did Splat write in his book?

     Why was he thankful?  


Questions about the Bible story:

     Why do you think Jesus healed the men?

     How do you think they felt?

     Why did the man say thank you?

     Why do you think the others didn’t?


Questions about our lives:

     Why is it important to be thankful?

     What are you thankful for?



Dear God, thank you for all the good things in our lives. Help us to be thankful and to say thank you for something every day. Amen.