Bible Text:

Mark 10:35-45


Children's Bible Story source:

"James and John," Spark Story Bible, p.336


Children's Story Resource

The Fisherman and His Wife adapted by Rachel Isadora

When a man catches a magic fish, his wife wishes for a bigger house. When her wish is granted, her greed gets the best of her.


How these stories are connected: When we want things that cannot be ours, we become miserable. We are called to serve others and learn to be content with the riches we already have.


Questions about The Fisherman and His Wife:

     What did the fisherman’s wife want?

     What happened when she got what she wanted?

     Why did she end up back in the shack?


Questions about the Bible story:

     What did James and John want?

     Why didn’t Jesus give it to them?

     What did Jesus come to do?


Questions about our lives:

     How are you blessed by the things you already have?

     How can you serve others?



God, you have a place for everyone. Teach us how to serve others so they might learn to love and serve you, too. Amen.