Mission Endowment by churchofthecross

Mission Endowment Fund
Purpose: The purpose of the ELCOC Mission Endowment Fund is to enlarge the mission of the Church by supporting current and future programs in the areas of Social Ministry, Outreach, Education, Worship and Youth.

How do I participate? You can support the Mission Endowment Fund in many ways:

  1.     Regular donation,
  2.     Bequest (a designation in one’s will or living trust),
  3.     Transfer of property such as cash, stocks, bonds, and real estate,
  4.     Life insurance proceeds and
  5.     Any other source of value that can be readily assessed.

Have an Idea for ministry? Do you have an idea for ministry that you would like to bring to life at Lutheran Church of the Cross? The Mission Endowment Fund could make that happen.

Projects: If you are wondering what could qualify just ask.  It could be VBS, summer camp, mission ..... just some ideas but we are waiting for yours.

Who can apply? Any members of ELCOC who have a heart for ministry may make application to receive funding from the Mission Endowment Fund using the Application Process below.

Questions? Ask Gates Fortier, Stephen Maunula, Kathy Bishop, or Archie Wells.

Application Process. Please refer to the Mission Endowment Fund Disbursement Guide and Mission Endowment Fund Application Form found below.

The deadline for applications is June 1st, 2024.