BLAST (Bible Learning and Sharing Together) is a fun and creative opportunity for children of all ages to learn and experience the stories of the Bible. Toward the end of worship (around 11am), children are blessed by the congregation and led to the BLAST opening where they encounter a biblical story. They are introduced to activity choices available for the day in the different activity rooms:

  • THOU ART - arts & crafts
  • CREATION - workshop and construction 
  • DAILY BREAD - baking and cooking 
  • ACTS 2 - drama and theatre

At the end of each story session (about once a month), a BLAST Showcase invites the congregation to see a play, discover the projects the children have made, and to taste the "fruits" of Daily Bread.

Goals of BLAST:

  • Provide experiential (i.e. fun) learning that embeds the biblical stories deep within us
  • Invite adult and teen creative leadership, training, and participation
  • Encourage environmental awareness and sustainable thinking
  • Offer creative centres for the congregation and the surrounding community
  • Provide a comprehensive plan for equipping our children for a life of faith (pre-confirmation)

We encourage adults to help with BLAST. This is a great way for you to encounter the stories of the Bible yourself, think about their application to our daily lives, interact with young learners, and challenge your creative edges.

If you are interested, contact the office.