Bible Texts:

Matthew 14:13-22, Mark 6:30-45, Luke 9:10-17, John 6:5-13


Children's Bible Story sources:

"Share God's Love," Spark Story Bible, p.326


Children's Story Resources

Red by Michael Hall

A blue crayon mistakenly labeled as “red” can’t live up to his friends’ and family’s expectations no matter how hard he tries. That is, until a new friend offers a fresh perspective and Red discovers what the readers knew all along. 


How these stories are connected: The other crayons have certain expectations that Red must live up to in order for him to be a good crayon, but that’s not who he is. The disciples thought that only a certain type of person could teach about God’s love, but Jesus said that anyone who teaches about him and has faith is helping. Red is still a crayon like all the others, no matter if he colours red or blue things.


Questions about Red:

     What was Red’s problem at the beginning of the book?

     What did the other crayons want Red to be like?

     How was Red’s problem solved?

     What happened to Red after he learned who he really was?


Questions about the Bible story:

     Why were the disciples angry?

     What did the disciples want the people teaching about Jesus to be like?

     Who does Jesus say is allowed to teach about Him?


Questions about our lives:

     Is it up to us to say what another person should be like?

     Who are some people who teach you about Jesus?

     How can you teach other people about Jesus?



Dear God, help us to understand that we can be ourselves and still follow you. Teach us not to judge others. Amen.