Bible Texts:

 John 9:1-41


Children's Bible Story sources:

"Pool of Siloam," Spark Story Bible, p.432

"The Blind Beggar,” DK Children's Everyday Bible, p.276


Children's Story Resources

Julius: The Baby of the World by Kevin Henkes

Lilly feels special until Julius is born, then she can’t handle the attention he gets. She does mean things to him, ignores him, copies him, and throws tantrums to try and get attention.
How these stories are connected: Just as Lilly can’t stand having a new baby in the house, the religious leaders can’t stand thinking anyone could receive God’s healing apart from their understanding. These stories ask us to take pause about what we know about love and grace. Are they really for everyone? 

Questions about Julius: The Baby of the World:

     Lilly didn’t like it when her parents did nice things for Julius. What mean things did she do?

     How did she try to get attention?

     What made her change her mind?



Questions about the Bible story:

     Why didn’t people want Jesus to help the blind man?

     Why did people get mad?

     Why did they tell the blind man to go away?

     What did Jesus do about that?


Questions about our lives:

     What kinds of things do you think Jesus can do?

     Why is it good to want Jesus to do those things?



Dear Jesus, thank you for being powerful and for doing good things. Help us to not be scared or jealous or mad when you do good things for other people. Amen.