Bible Texts:

 Luke 24:50-53; Acts 1:6-14


Children's Bible Story sources:

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Children's Story Resources

Arrow to the Sun by Gerald McDermott

The sun sends a spark of life to earth. The boy born from the spark of life embarks on a journey to overcome ridicule, find his father, and bring life to the world.  


How these stories are related: This native story about the spark of life directly parallels the story of Jesus. From divine incarnation, trials and temptation, to transformation and new life, these two stories offer hope for humanity’s possibility of reflecting the divine spark.


Questions about Arrow to the Sun:

     How was the boy born?

     Why did he start to search for his father?

     What things did he have to do to prove himself?

     Why did he go back to his father?

     Why did he come back to earth?  



Questions about the Bible story:

     What did Jesus tell his friends to do?

     Why do you think he went back to heaven?

     How does Jesus give life to us and the world?

     How is the boy in the first story like Jesus?  


Questions about our lives:

     What wonderful things have we learned from Jesus?

     How can we use those things in our world?



Dear God, help us reflect your light and truth, be good friends to the people around us, and live in the ways that make you happy. Amen.