Bible Texts:

Matthew 25:14-30; Luke 19:12-28


Children's Bible Story sources:

“The Great Commission," Spark Story Bible, p.496

"Jesus Speaks to his Disciples,” DK Children's Everyday Bible, p.317

"The Ascension," DK Children's Illustrated Bible, p.280



Children's Story Resources

Ish, by Peter H. Reynolds

Ramon loves to draw, but when his brother criticizes his drawings, he gives up. Only when his younger sister turns his discarded drawings into a crumpled art gallery does Ramon reconsider being an artist.

How these stories are connected: Ramon has a natural gift and passion for drawing he learns to create simply for the sake of creating and for the joy it brings to his own life. Jesus’ parable of the talents cautions us not to squander the gifts we have been given. Learning to use our God-given gifts honors the God who has given them.


Questions about Ish:

     Why do you think Ramon loved to draw?

     Why did Ramon stop drawing?

     Why did he start drawing again?

     How did Ramon feel when he starting drawing again?


Questions about the Bible story:

     What did the man do before he went on his trip?

     Why did the servant bury his talents?

     What happened to the talents the man gave his servants?

     What did the man say to them when he returned?


Questions about our lives:

     What talents do you think God has given you?

     How do you feel when you are doing the things you like to do?

     What do you think God thinks about that?



Dear God, thank you for giving us talents. Help us to practice using them and help us to become good at the things we do. We hope the things we do make you happy. Amen.