Bible Texts:

 Exodus 12:1-32


Children's Bible Story sources:

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Children's Story Resources

Harry the Dirty Dog by Gene Zion

When Harry the dog learns he has to have a bath, he runs away from home. When he finally comes home, he is so dirty that he is unrecognizable. The bath he never wanted to take is the very thing that restores him to his family. 


How these stories are connected: Sometimes God asks us to do things we don’t want to do. When we rebel, the consequences can be disastrous. Harry the Dirty Dog gives us this lens, through which we can look at God’s requests of Pharaoh in new light. What might have happened if Pharaoh had let God’s people go the first time Moses asked?


Questions about Harry the Dirty Dog:

     What did Harry do when he didn’t want to take a bath?

     How did he get so dirty?

     What happened when he came home?

     How did Harry feel when his family didn’t know who he was?

     What happened when Harry finally took the bath he didn’t want to take?

Questions about the Bible story:

     What did Moses want the Pharaoh to do?

     Why do you think the Pharaoh didn’t want to let the people go?

     What did God do?

     What happened in the end?

     Was it good for Pharaoh? Why/why not?


Questions about our lives:

     How do you know if God is asking you to do something?

     How can you tell?



Dear God, please call us and tell us what to do. Lead us, be with us, and help us know when you are talking to us. Amen.