Bible Texts:

Exodus 3:1-15


Children's Bible Story sources:

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Children's Story Resources

Sam and the Firefly  by P.D. Eastman

When a firefly discovers his power to write words in the sky, he causes all sorts of trouble in the name of fun. Everything turns around when he discovers he can make a difference for others.


How these stories are related: Bad behavior can cause hurt feelings and lead to long term grudges. These stories illustrate the power of a higher calling to lead us to reconciliation and action on behalf of others.


Questions about Sam and the Firefly:

     In the beginning, what did Sam the owl want to do?

     Why wasn’t he doing it?

     What did he need?

     What happened when Sam and Gus worked together?

     What happened when Gus worked by himself?

     How did Gus finally turn around?


Questions about the Bible story:

     What did Moses do that made him run away from Egypt?

     How did God call Moses?

     What did God tell Moses to do?

     What do you think will happen if Moses does what God wants? Why?


Questions about our lives:

     Do you think God stills calls people the way God called Moses? Why or why not?

     What are the things God wants you to do?

     How do you know God is with you?



Dear God, please call us and tell us what to do. Lead us, be with us, and help us know when you are talking to us . Amen.