Bible Texts:

Exodus 2:1-10


Children's Bible Story sources:

"Moses in the Bulrushes," DK Children's Illustrated Bible, p.68

"Baby Moses," Spark Story Bible, p.66

"Baby Moses," DK Children's Everyday Bible, p.47

"Miriam Is a Brave Girl," The Early Reader's Bible, p.67


Children's Story Resources


Tiger Is a Scaredy Cat by Joan Phillips and illustrated by Norman Gorbaty

Scared of dogs, vacuum cleaners, and even mice, a faint-hearted feline has a chance to prove himself a hero when a baby mouse gets lost from its parents.


How these stories are connected: All of us face fear at sometime, even young children. Tiger finds his courage when it's important, and so does Pharoah's daughter. These stories raise questions in our own lives: What scares us? What do we do when we are scared?


Questions about Tiger Is a Scaredy Cat:

     Why was Tiger afraid? 

     What happened when Tiger was afraid? 

     Who got hurt?

     Who did Tiger help? Why?

     What happened to Tiger at the end of the story? 

     How did he change?


Questions about the Bible story:

     Why was the Pharaoh frightened? What did he do?

     Do you think the baby’s mother was scared? What did she do?

     Who found the baby? What did she do? Do you think she was scared?

     Do you think the baby’s sister was scared? What did she do?


Questions about our lives:

     What are you afraid of?

     What helps you when you are afraid? 



Dear God, help us to always help other people, even when we're scared. Help us keep from hurting other people. Amen.