People often receive plenty of support and nurture right after someone dies. But within a few short weeks, just as the depth of loss begins to take hold, attention often falls away. Grieving people often find themselves alone, even alienated.

Journeying through Grief provides year-long support for people who have lost loved ones.

Our pastoral staff provides personal contact, relevant resouces, and a structured grief-support program  throughout the first year following the death of a loved one. A series of four booklets is provided, providing timely and relevant materials intended to support and acompany people through their grief.

Loved ones are also remembered weekly in Sunday worship and publicly acknowledged in worship in the All Saints' Sunday service imediately following their death.

If you have lost someone you love and would like to receive Journeying through Grief support, please contact the office at (403) 255-4792 and ask for Pastor Laura.