Welcome to The Southwestern Oasis Art Show! 

The first chapter of Genesis tells the story of God's loving, creative, and relational nature...and that God created us with those same characeristics. At Church of the Cross, we encourage the development and celebration of people's creative gifts and spirit as an expression of our relationship with God and our creative nature. This art show celebrates that creative human spirit.

For this show, artists are asked to create works of art: drawings, paintings, scuptures, weavings, glass, audio and video recordings...any work of art that can be represented digitally and uploaded to our site. The art is inspired by the story of the disciples surprised and enlived by the risen Jesus meeting them on the road to Emmaus in Luke 24. They felt their hearts burning within them as he open the scriptures to them and walking and talking with them. What sets your heart on fire? What gives you a passion for living? What do you love about the life God has given you? 

Each of the pieces in the show can be viewed by selecting the thumbmnail below.

We encourage you to express yourself too! We are collecting and showcasing art through August. To submit art to the show, email your images, audio file, and video links to [email protected] with the subject line: ART SHOW.