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Our second annual art show will take place online!

God is everywhere, doing good things amongst families, neighbours and friends. Get inspired by the goodness in life around you! What lights your heart on fire? What inspires you and gives you hope? 

Our art show is inspired by the story "The Walk to Emmaus," found in Luke 24:13-35. 

The Word for Children lessons for this story are here


Here's what to do:

1) Create your work of art. The sky is the limit, as long as your art can be photographed or video filmed.

2) Take a photo of your art. If your art is a skit, play, drama, or story, make a video!

3) Make a short video of yourself. Say "Hi, my name is _______" and then tell us what you love about life or what sets your heart on fire.

4) Email your photos and videos (or a link to them) to [email protected]    We are accepting and posting art all summer long!


See the Art Show online by clicking here!