What should I wear?

Here at Lutheran Church of the Cross, we come as we are. Many of us dress casually, and some like to dress up a bit more. You are welcome to come dressed however you would like. 

Where do I park?

The main parking lot is on the north side of the building, at the corner of Elbow Drive and Sylvester Crescent. 

Can I take part in Communion?

Everyone is welcome at the Communion table. If you put out your hands, we will put bread into them. 

Our communion bread is free of the top eight allergens (including gluten). We offer both wine and alcohol-free juice. 

What is the service like?

At Lutheran Church of the Cross, our services are liturgical. This means that our services follow a cyclical rhythm of hearing of the word of God and response from the people. 

What is the music like?

Our 10+ voice choir leads congregational singing from September through May, accompanied on piano. Music varies from classical choral music, to liturgical hymns to modern praise. From time to time, our worship features various instrumentalists, from acoustic guitar, to organ, to flute, to violins, to trumpets and bells. In the summer months, congregational singing is accompanied by the piano. 

Can I leave part way through the service?

If there is ever any reason that you may need to leave during the service, you are welcome to do so. You may also arrive late. There will always be somone here to greet you and help you find your way.