1 Peter 2:4-10
Lise Wilson: The Way of Christ

Reformation begins by sharing power. The life of the church belongs to all of us, not just those who are robed and vested.

Lise Wilson share about her faith journey: She went from being unworthy to leading in the church and YOU CAN TOO! If you want to be inspired, listen to her speak about laity and the priesthood of all believers.

This "sermon" models the method of The Way of Christ: A lay person speaks about their faith life; 3 other pay people thank the speaker and affirm what they hear; a pastor offers scripture and further reflections; the people listening engage questions designed to further their interest in faith.

Here are the questions of the day:

·      What did I hear that I can apply to my own life?

·      Where do I see God at work in my life?

·      What do I think my mission in the world is?

·      What do I plan to do this week as a result of choosing to see God at work and being challenged by this Word?