Exodus: 1:8 - 2:10 Moses is saved by his mother, sister, and Pharaoh's daughter
Moses in the Water

Pharoah, threatened by the sheer number of Israelites in Egypt issues a death order against every newly born male Israelite.

Uncommonly simple acts of defiance and ingenuity lead Moses' mother, sister, and Pharoah's daughter to protect and nurture Moses from birth through his early childhood.

In retrospect, many of these kinds of actions in human history occur as well thought out acts of bravery. After all, those ancient women saved the child who would free Israel from slavery and lead them in the wilderness.

But consider that God is walking beside people, empowering them day by day as they take little steps in the face of life's circumstances. In that light, we can face our own trials and challenges with the same courage and optimism of these ancient women. We do not necessarily need to have our eyes set on how to change our world; but on the small things we can do with great love. Perhaps God's Holy Spirit uses these things for global change.