Genesis 25: 19-34: Jacob is born grasping at Esau's blessings
For all the nations For all the nations

Jacob and Esau's lives begin in covetousness. As Jacob plans and schemes to steal what belongs to Esau, he withholds his own gifts and learns the art of blackmail. His actions ultimately destroy his relationship with his brother and cause murderous rage.

The ancient stories also speak wisdom to events on the modern world stage, as peoples and nations conflict with one another over resources, position, and influence. See the CBC news story/video about the weekend protest in Halifax concerning the statue of Edward Cornwallis, Nova Scotia's first governor by clicking this link.

As we consider the brotherly conflict between Jacob and Esau, we do well to remember that God called them "nations" and pray for the healing in personal relationship and amidst the nations of our world.

The resource containing "For the Healing of the Nations" is available by clicking this link.