Matthew 28: 1-8 Mary Magdalene and the other Mary discover the empty tomb
He is risen!

The story of Jesus' passion and death is gruesome; a story about the cruelty of humanity to be reviled. We know these sorts of things are still happening in our world. People are been maimed and killed for money, land, political gain, and even for lesser reasons. The rich and powerful seem to become more so, while those who simply want a little peace and the resources to raise their children suffer.

Jesus himself wasn't safe from the violence and greed of humanity. We killed him in a scary grotesque way. The God who could have prevented or even ended this suffering with a simple word remained silent. What does that say for our freedom and the possibilitiy of our lives? What does that say about God and the church?

Can God redeem this mess? Does God? Listen here for the power and purpose of Easter morning, resurrection, and new life.

He is Risen! Indeed, and so are we.