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How are you doing?

We will likely be socially distant for a number of weeks.

What are you dong to stay physically, mentally, and spiritually well?

In these days, prepare yourself and your household for isolation. Stay calm. Plan well.

What staples do you need? What can you do without? Remember that your household is part of a very large community. That means be prudent, be wise, and stay calm. Buy only what you need and leave enough for others.

Make a daily routine for yourself. I turned off my alarm clock. I now wake up when my body wants to wake up and start the day with 30 minutes of exercise. I'm drinking lots of water, enjoying a light-hearted book, and talking to lots and lots of people. I'm working from home, cooking at home, and eating at home. I'm developing a rhythm to these days that fosters peace, rest, and stability.

These are important things for you to do as well. Make a routine for yourself. Do things that foster peace and relationship. Be generous with your time and your resources. Help your neighbours. Call them and support them. Build up your community in the ways that you can. Think about long-term sustainability.

While our building is closed, the church community is open. You are welcome to daily prayer at 10 am. We spend a short amount of time in prayer for the world and then check in and see how everyone is doing.

Click here at 10 am any/every day to enter the online prayer room.  Password = prayer

If you need to talk to someone, call me (Pastor Laura) 403 540-0053 or call our church office (403) 255-4792, which is forwarded to Dianne's cell phone. We are happy to talk to you and to get you connected with our phoning network. We have people calling people calling people and are happy to call you too if you let us know. If we have never met, you need to know that we are good, honest, nice people. Real people. We don't try to get you to accept Jesus, but we do try to love you the way he does. So we really do care how it's going for you.

Mostly, remember that these days will come to an end, that you are not alone, and that you are beloved of God.

We are here for you. We are in this together. And we are not alone.

Click here for worship, COVID-19 updates and other resources.