The Listening Team formed and begin listening to God through the book of Acts. A careful and close study of Acts led to these reflections:

  • "Growing the church" does not necessarily mean knocking on doors. People were brought to Christ primarily through the witness and preaching of the early church.
  • Peter's "Yes, and..." was infectious. Peter took up the word of God and ran with it.
  • Crisis leads to opportunity. Whenever something went wrong, or not according to plan, the disasterous results created an opening to reach others.
  • Simple things drew people togather: fellowship, being inclusive, breaking bread: ALL THREE TOGETHER.
  • People want simple, deep truth and connection. People were (and are) hungry for connection to the things that give and bring life.

You can read the book of Acts here.

How is God speaking to you through the book of Acts and through these reflections?