Our Core Convictions were determined at our 2020 AGM, through participation in the LEAD Value Cards Exercise.

We are:

Sacramental, Liturgical, and Traditional

The sacraments of communion and baptism, the practices and routines of the historic church, rituals, and the seasons of the church year shape our corporate worship life.

Hospitable, Diverse and Inclusive

We are intentionally welcoming, especially of guests and strangers, with genuine care and concern for their needs, embracing a wide variety of people of different nationalities, ethnicities, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, sexuality, and religious background.


The appreciation of melody and lyrics that convey core belief and connect people to God and community both past and present undergirds worship leadership and accompaniment.


We help others and care for those in need.


The LEAD Centering Team is experimenting with expressions of these values. Eventually, these experiments and engagement with the congregation will reveal the congregation's unique purpose. Words really matter. The way we say things shapes our life together and steers us toward mission in the world. How would you express these values as a purpose statement? Play around with them, use a thesaurus, explore some possibilities and see what phrases inspire YOU!

Here are some samples from the Centering Team meeting March 8, 2020:

"A place of connection and grounding."

"Connecting to the broader community through world music."

"We are a song for unity."

"God is calling us to local and global community."