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Come celebrate following worship!

Free Will offering for a piece of Pie!

PIE = Public. Intentional. Explicit. These are the standards developed by Affirming Communities for congregation when they become Affirming, Welcoming, or Inclusive communities.

PIE = Public. Intentional. Explicit. These standards help us become a safe space for people who face discrimination, oppression, or exclusion because they belong to the LGBTQ2SIA+ community.

We’re proud to announce that the first annual National Affirming Day will be held March 14, 2019, International Pi(e) Day (3.14- get it?) This is a great time for us to host a Public, Intentional, and Explicit affirming event...and have fun with it too. This is a chance for us to celebrate and honour the full inclusion of *LGBTQ2SIA+ people in faith communities and beyond, with everyone across Canada! In association with PIE Day, we will host a speaker from an LGBTQ2SIA+ organization and serve pie following worship. Mark your calendar! Our PIE celebration will be held Sunday March 17, following worship.

Can you bring pie to share? Be creative! Bake, cook, or buy apple pie, pizza pie, quiche...all types of pie will be served following worship. And we need your pie to make PIE Day a community celebration.