I'm New

I'm New

You are welcome in worship

Worship here reflects the ancient rhythm of the early church. Here, innovation tradition is marked by dynamic preaching, high quality music, meaningful ritual, and communal participation. Holy Communion is offered to all who come to the table. The words of worship (liturgy) and music lyrics are projected for easy participation. Afterwards, children head off to BLAST, an experiential Biblical workshop, while adults informally form and strengthen friendships around coffee (a Lutheran standard). This community will love you if you let them.

You are welcome in study

All of our studies and gatherings are open to you. If you are just getting your feet wet, try BLAST on Sunday mornings. The learning there is geared toward children, but everyone is welcome to participate -- and people of all ages do. Or try Starting Point, designed for people who feel rusty or new in their faith. Wednesday and Sunday morning studies focus on specific topics or books of the Bible. You will find and make friends easily and discover than our learning and study never ends. Just pick up wherever it is you left off.

You are welcome in ministry and leadership

A particular Lutheran tradition is to encourage and empower everyone in ministry. You might see the pastors up front, but their real job is to work toward the day when EVERYONE is leading something of some sort. Come and discover your spiritual gifts, build your skills, and get to work in whatever ways you are inspired.

Your children are welcome, too

Children and teens are part of the church, too. They are also welcome in worship, study, ministry, and leadership. Come Sunday mornings and experience The Word for Chidren, a special time for children to hear scripture in a way desgined just for them, and BLAST (Bible Learning and Sharing Together), an experiential Bible workshop that helps children and people of all ages learn the Bible stories by doing. Teens will find a home in the youth group and Youth Dimension, which meet Sunday mornings and Tuesday evenings.

You are welcome to membership

We welcome people into membership through the ancient process of the catechumenate (the practice of delving deeply into scripture, listening to one another, and inquirying together into the life of faith). Your questions and inquiries guide the content which may include matters of faith, church life, history, and personal story. We call it Faith Journey and it begins with Starting Point, Tuesday evenings at 7, coinciding with the school year.