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Ongoing Classes. Drop in for any session.

Scripture Study: Corinthians 1 & 2.   Tuesdays, 11am - 12:30pm   




Four-Session Class with Pastor Phil

The Bible in Broad Strokes

Session 1: Old Testament 10:30am-noon, Thursday May 7

Session 2: Old Testament (continued) 10:30-noon, Thursday, May 14  

Session 3: New Testament 10:30-noon, Thursday, May 21

Session 4: The Letters of Paul 10:30-noon, Thursday, June 11

The Bible includes 66 books written over the span of centuries. This course is designed to introduce participants to the major people, events and places in the Bible. Session 1 will focus on the Old Testament movement and people. Session 2 will focus on the movements of Jesus and the early church. No knowledge of the Bible is required.

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Workshops with Pastor Laura:

Online with Zoom Saturdays 1-3 pm

Biblical storytelling

God has entrusted us with marvelous stories of God's saving acts and miraculous deeds throughout history. These stories have the power to transform modern lives, bringing healing, wholeness, hope, and more. Perhaps you have witnessed people telling biblical stories by heart. This is so much different than from memory! Now you are invited to engage biblical storytelling in this same way.

This is a great opportunity to learn scripture by heart and learn to carry redemptive stories with you wherever you go.

What can you expect? You will be drawn to explore biblical stories because they are good and life-giving. The power and integrity of God's Word will intersect with your daily reality and you will be changed by them and by the act of telling them. You will experience yourself as God's partner in carrying these stories to a community yearning to hear a Word from God.

We will also be planning and working on a special storytelling event that will take place once our isolation is over. Come check it out! This workshop is presented in two parts. 

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Sign up for May 30: Biblical Storytelling, part 2